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Some flavors change your life.  Or, stay with you for life.  Weave themselves into your life.

I thought about that this week.  We bought a bottle of Lillet, the French aperitif that I first sipped when I was twenty-two, living in San Francisco, at the irrepressibly charming Cafe Claude.  It was in this hidden gem that I tasted my first Lillet, on ice, with a twist.  And that was that.  Lillet-on-ice-with-a-twist became nearly synonymous with sultry weather, outdoor cocktail hour.  Lillet-on-ice-with-a-twist also transports just a tiny part of me, back to that alleyway cafe, back to life at twenty-two.

A cream-coddled egg has a similar effect.    It was the first meal George prepared for me shortly after I met him.  I didn’t think I liked eggs at the time.  But I needed to be polite, plus I had heard about what an amazing cook this guy was, so I figured it was the least I could do.  Eat the egg.

Oh, you mean this little ramekin of heaven, a perfectly poached farm egg with a layer of rich, tangy creme fraiche on the top.  A touch salt and pepper; completely simple yet perfectly balanced and nothing like the tasteless gelatinous blobs I had considered all poached eggs to consist of.   And now, a cream-coddled egg is nothing short of the flavor I associate with Home.

What was the last taste that made your mouth sit up straight and start paying attention?  What flavor has woven itself into your memory; so powerful that you can close your eyes right this minute and recall exactly how it would taste, as if you just put a spoonful in your mouth?  What flavor for you is bigger than its silly sum of calories and nutrients?  What taste is your mouth still talking about, despite the time that has passed between its moment and now?

And maybe even more wonderful, what will be the next one?

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