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It’s Vin de Noix week.  Not drinking Vin de Noix, but making it.  Well, that’s not true.  I’m sipping Vin de Noix as I type; from 2005.  Truth is, there’s a narrow window of opportunity that must be seized for making Vin de Noix.  I’m feeling a little smug, knowing we got our Vin de Noix made on time.  Kind of like getting all your firewood chopped and stacked by August.  But, credit given where credit is due; it was our strangely cool and late summer I have to thank.

Vin de Noix is a liqueur made from green walnuts, and traditionally the immature nuts must be picked between the 24th of June (St Jean’s Day) and Bastille Day, the 14th of July.  My brother Douglas and his sweet friend Jenny harvested my parent’s walnut tree on the South end of Vashon Island just last week, late August.  But the green walnuts were perfect, and perfectly late, as likely no one would have gotten around to it in the panic of hectic early July.

Vin de Noix is easy.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  If you have a walnut tree, or know someone who does, you should try it.  Long before we started farming, George picked up a book called, Aperitif: Recipes for Simple Pleasure in the French Style.  Used copies are available on Amazon for less than six dollars.  (I’m hardly able to resist a tangent here and scream, BUY THIS BOOK!   This gem has given us a lot of pleasure over the years.  For six lousy bucks; just do it.)  Anyway, it was the Vin de Noix recipe in this book that got us hooked.  And as long as we get our act together with the walnuts, we make it every year.

Besides the green walnuts, the ingredients are so simple: red wine, sugar, brandy, a vanilla bean.  Green walnuts, however, are not something you will casually find at the grocery store, or even most farmers markets.  You need a tree.  Or a friend or family member with a walnut tree.  Ask around.  Someday there will be an app that gives you the exact location of the nearest walnut tree, but until then, you have to network for your aperitif the old-fashioned way.

And with the same satisfaction that you feel after canning peaches, making blackberry jam, or putting up any seasonal goodness, Vin de Noix will titillate you.  It peacefully steeps for two months, without requiring so much as a stir.   Leave it be for a spell.  Then in the fall, on a rainy afternoon, you can bottle your summer’s handiwork, and literally enjoy the fruits of your labor all winter.

I promise.  It’s worth it.

Vin de Noix

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I’ve never been slapped before. And I feel like my chances are dwindling. Although, our new chef Meredith is pretty feisty, so if I play my cards right…

Fresh is an uplifting video on the current thoughts on food production. We could have shown several different films on this topic. We choose Fresh, not only because it is a powerful film, but because the film-makers are boot-strapping their way through the distribution process; one house or small public venue at a time.

Sea Breeze has grown slowly over the years, not backed by shareholders, but by adding one customer at a time, much like the audience for Fresh.

We will be showing this film Sunday, March 14th at La Boucherie. The meal is, as always made available by the bounty from Sea Breeze Farm and from local vegetable growers on Vashon and in the Carnation Valley.

The 3 course dinner at La Boucherie will begin at 4:30, and the film (to be shown with truffled popcorn) will start around 6:00. After the film, we will put the tables together and share dessert as a group as we discuss the film.

The cost for this event is $50/person. We have begun taking reservations for this event and space is limited. Please call La Boucherie to reserve your seat: 206.567.4628.

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Holiday Fête

L a  B o u c h e r i e  V a s h o n

Holiday Fête

Saturday, December 19

5pm & 8pm

We excitedly welcome Chevon Holmes back to La Boucherie for our Holiday Party.  Chevon and Leah are a delicious pair.  The Meat Maven and the Puff Pastry Princess.
Chevon has been asking to roast a leg of beef (what she affectionately calls a ‘Steamship’) for over a year, and finally, we get to comply.  Six hand-crafted courses which include our vin nouveau for $75 per person.

We will post the 6-course menu for this unique event as we near the 19th.

Know that it will include: Chevon’s Leg of Boeuf.

This will certainly be a night to remember.


Call 206.567.4628 to reserve your space for this event.


If you would like to stay on the island that evening, please let us know so we may assist you in securing a room in one of the unique bed and breakfasts on the island.

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La Boucherie is One

You are invited to celebrate our first anniversary party at

l a   b o u c h e r i e

Thursday, November 19th


17635 100th ave sw vashon wa 98070


make a wish

Appetizers provided between 6-9pm

Sweet Bread Cellars wine pours $5

The Tom Bean Blues Experience will play sweet licks from 7-8pm


We have had an awesome year at the restaurant and shop.  There were cozy dinners sharing an anniversary or birthday, we had 20 opera singers fill the space with song, and a room full of bikers share why it was important to them to eat grass-fed beef and pork, as they rode off on their Hogs into the sunset.

Thank you to all of our customers who joined us this year…and even to those who REALLY meant to and will in year 2…


Join us for a lovely evening as we welcome our second year of service.

Maybe a Beaujolais nouveau toast!?


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Wine Time


promise delivered

promise delivered

Stacks of crates wait all year for us to deliver them grapes. 


Scenic Overlook

Scenic Overlook



We often laugh that the animals have the best view at Sea Breeze Farm.   On these perfect days, we were able to crush and enjoy the same view as the pigs.


pumice delivered

pomace delivered

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